Landscape Service: Flowers That Bloom at Night for the Most Beautiful Moon Garden

The Dreamiest Moon Garden’s Night-Blooming Flowers

Consider growing flowers that bloom at night if you feel like you are losing out on the beautiful flowering blooms in your yard because of the oppressive heat or a hectic work schedule. The blooming plants that makeup moon gardens, as they are often called, bloom or grow more fragrant from late afternoon till night. The glowy aspect of these kinds of gardens, where moonlight reflects off the silvery leaves and petals and gives the flowers the illusion of being illuminated from within, is what makes them so alluring according to landscape service experts. Learn which flowers bloom at night in the following paragraphs so you may start and maintain the moon garden of your dreams.

Burpee Four O’Clock

Four O’Clocks, as they are aptly titled, open up in the early morning and close down in the late afternoon. Along with hummingbirds, bees, and nighttime pollinators like fireflies, these fragrant evening bloomers also draw hummingbirds. A variety of colors, including white, red, pink, yellow, and purple, are available for them. To accommodate this bushy, quickly-growing plant, make sure your garden has a sizable area.

Sweet Alyssum

White sweet alyssum mounds seem to shine as they reflect moonlight brilliantly. For best results, plant many of this quickly expanding ground cover. It looks great piled in front of roses that are either bright yellow or pink as a border plant.

Bell Nursery Impatiens

Impatiens are the perfect flower to capture your eye when enjoying an evening stroll around a garden. Impatiens may be planted in large quantities in containers or as bushy backfill against a fence to produce an eye-catching, vibrant display. These colorful, flamboyant flowers illuminate your yard both day and night.


Although heuchera, also known as coral bells, aren’t exclusively night bloomers, they make fantastic border companion plants in your moon garden. Because of their adaptability, they may flourish in either full sun or partial shade, and their colorful leaves and airy branches make them stand out in the dark.

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