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Mulches You Can Use for Your Lawn

Using mulches for lawn care provides a wide variety of advantageous outcomes. Not only will it help your plants flourish and look their best, but it may also boost your yard’s aesthetic value. Many homeowners now hire professional mulchers for this reason. Here are some common choices for mulching materials to consider when planning your next outdoor landscaping project:


For horticultural plants, hay mulches have been widely used because they are less expensive than other mulching options. Landscapers typically use three to four inches of hay mulch to achieve these goals and more. There is a single drawback to using hay, despite its many benefits. It’s an ideal environment for pests like squash bugs, voles, and slugs. For perennial weeds, it is also useless. This means that hay mulches require careful consideration and use. Get better results from your mulching services by working with a seasoned pro.


Straw mulch is another excellent option for your garden’s mulch. Mulches made from straw last longer than those made from hay. Decomposition into smaller parts takes a long time. This method of care for vines is also more environmentally friendly. Due to its light hue, it reflects a lot of light. The result is more excellent soil, which is better for the plant.

Wood Chips

Mulch made from this would be ideal for the garden. Wood chips are an excellent choice for areas that tend to be either too wet or too dry because they can retain moisture, allowing the wood chips to soak up more rainwater in floods. As a result of their ability to store and release water during the dry season, your garden will receive just the right amount of moisture to thrive.

If you want professional results from your lawn care, it’s best to hire a specialist rather than do it yourself. In the Puyallup, WA area, reliable landscapers like Puyallup Ever So Green Lawn Care are who you want to hire. Contact (253) 218-3833 for more information.

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