Fertilization and How It’s Done in Lawn Maintenance

Adding and Removing Fertilizers

Lawn maintenance is both a satisfying and challenging task. It entails a variety of tasks in order for it to look its best. One of the many responsibilities you need to manage is fertilizing plants. Providing plants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and survival is crucial. However, there are a few essential considerations to make when fertilizing.

Understand when, what, and how to fertilize. Fertilization typically only needs to be done twice a year. You can find out which nutrients your soil already contains and which ones you need to add through soil testing. Keep in mind that different kinds of plants need different kinds of nutrients.

Keep in mind not to over-fertilize. Although fertilizers contribute to the nutrition of the soil, too much of them is harmful. It could leave behind too much salt or nitrogen in the soil, which could put the plants under stress or, worse, kill them. Salt overuse may cause a visible white crust. This soil condition may also result in the appearance of yellow and brown patches.

Make an effort to save overfertilized plants. You might still be able to save the plant if it hasn’t been badly damaged yet. Take the steps listed below:

  1. Remove the white crust first. This is the soil that has been oversalted.
  2. Keep as much healthy soil as possible.
  3. Add distilled water at room temperature to the plants’ pots and containers. Completely flush it out. Go through this step four times.
  4. For ground plants, move the water slowly toward the plants. Keep it running until the water has refined the root zone. Eliminate the dying foliage.

It is essential to read package labels and follow their instructions. For professional soil testing, understanding its results, and determining the appropriate fertilizer requirements for your plants, contact professionals in lawn maintenance. In Puyallup, WA, Puyallup Ever So Green Lawn Care provides high-quality landscaping services. Get in touch with us now at (253) 218-3833.

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